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融合模型:Fusion model
热能特征:thermal characteristic
人工基床:manual foundation bed
日常发声:daily phonation
人脸表征:face representation
弱收敛性:weak convergence
容错处理:fault-tolerant processing
燃油成本:fuel cost
软控制力:soft control
人文艺术:humanity art
软件测速:speed measurement with software
热风挡板:hot-air damper
柔性战略:flexible strategy
软岩钻探:Soft rock drilling
容积补偿:Cubage compensation
软件逻辑:Logic of software
容量扩张:capacity expansion
日照对数:sunshine duration
燃油里程:fuel mileage
人体骨架:human skeleton
热控保护:thermal control protection
燃煤灰渣:coal ash
认知要素:cognitive element
热磁协同:magneto-thermal coordination
软基筑堤:embankment constructing on pliable foundation
热力冰盖:thermal ice cover
软土场地:soft site
日照侵权:Infringement of sunlight right
日照标准:Sunlight standard
人耳图像:ear image
人工换算:artificial conversion
认证方案:authentication scheme
人口估算:population estimation
人工雾室:artificial fog cabinet
柔性附件:flexible appendages
软件修正:software correction
燃气超压:overpressure of gas
燃气放散:give out of gas
融沉特性:thawing subsidence character
弱化系数:weakening coefficient
认知摩擦:cognitive friction
人文氛围:humanistic atmosphere
热线测量:hot-wire measurement
蠕化处理:vermicularizing treatment
蠕化效果:vermicularizing effect
人天同源:mankind and nature originating from the same source
软弱黄土:soft loess
容量设置:capacity setting
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