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热轧荒管:hot rolling semi-finished steel tube
热压制备:hot pressing
日照辐射:solar radiation
燃气分析:gas analysis
热阻系数:thermal resistance factor
热模锻造:hot-die forging
燃烧流场:combustion flow field
人工分类:artificial classification
弱峰检测:Weak peak detection
认证协议:authentication protocol
热一次风:heat wind
认证指标:Authentication target
热控系统:thermal control system
热工保护:thermal protection
熔炼处理:melting treatment
熔窑地坑:furnace pit
熔断过程:breaking process
软弱地层:soft ground
人台线架:body-form wire-frame
冗余结构:Redundancy configuration
容升效应:capacitive rise effect
热电耦合:thermoelectric coupling
人行拱桥:pedestrian arch bridge
燃机控制:gas turbine control system
蠕动进给:creep feed
热力性质:thermal property
人体识别:human body recognition
容量恢复:capacity recovery
瑞利衰落:Rayleigh fading
认知接地:cognition grounding
融滴尺寸:droplet size
人性假设:humanity hypothesis
热轧性能:Hot-rolling property
燃油雾化:fuel atomization
热轧角钢:hot-rolled angle steel
热探针法:thermal probe method
染料粒径:particle size of dyes
熔窑温度:temperature of melting furnace
人工势场:artificial potential field
热力强度:heating intensity
燃烧指标:combustion index
冗余追踪:redundant tracing
柔性锚盘:flexible anchor tray
人工骨料:artificial aggregate
容量衰减:capacity fade
日本公路:Japanese highway
日本园林:Japanese garden
瑞典铁路:Sweden railway
柔性路面:flexible pavement
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