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块体模型:block model
抗菌涤纶:Anti-bacferial Polyester
空气压力:air pressure
矿山土壤:Mine soil
颗粒絮凝:particle flocculation
可控组装:Controllable assembly
扩散焊合:diffusion welding
快速发黑:quick nigrescence
控制面板:control panel
跨越发展:striding development
快速揭煤:fast uncovering the coal
科技行动:deeds of science and technology
科研团队:research team
矿井工程:mine construction
控制预裂:controlled blasting
抗冲共聚:impact copolymerization
矿石输送:ores lifting
控制传热:Heat Transfer Control
抗冻蛋白:antifreeze protein
开启机理:unsealing mechanism
勘查开发:exploration and exploitation
矿产工业:mineral industry
开炉准备:blowing-in preparing
可拓评估:extension assessment
空间资源:Space resource
控制燃烧:controlled burning
空白底液:blank base solution
考核体系:check-up system
勘查策略:prospecting strategy
控制因子:controlling factors
可靠寿命:reliable life
矿区植物:mineland plants
快速裂解:fast pyrolysis
矿物复合:mineral complex
空间分割:space dividing
开窗试验:fenestration experiment
空间布局:spatial arrangement
库房管理:storehouse management
喹哪啶酸:quinaldic acid
快换冲模:Quick-change Punch Die
控铸控冷:Controlled-casting and controlled-cooling
控时急冷:time-controlled sudden cooling
控制环境:control environment
捆锁装置:locking installation
坑内钻探:drilling in pit
扩散模式:Diffusion model
孔口除尘:drilling hole dust collector
空气消毒:air disinfection
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