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奇异味:Qi Yi Wei(Views of Chinese Ancient Novels)
青铜盆:Bronze Pen
青铜盂:Bronze Yu
青铜敦:Bronze Dui
劝农桑:encouage agriculture
全球通:Global Tone
清峪河:Qingyu River
亲属权:right of relatives
起居注:the living note
清皇家:the royal family in the Qing Dynasty
七、八:seven and eight
取代观:view of replacement
企业链:enterprise's chain
群岛国:archipelagic country
强其骨:strong style
全认证:ertificate Authentication
潜流失:latent turnover
清单法:Inventory-Based Approach
趋众型:moving towards people type
趋向词:directional verb
起跨角:distance starting angle
轻声词:neutral-tone words
侵害犯:actual damage crime
迁校后:after school moving
强连结:Strong Ties
清与趣:Qing and Qu
谦敬语:the honorific phrases
谦让词:self-depriciatoly words
亲和美:Close with beautiful
嵌入词:embedded word
浅水藕:"Shallow-water" lotus roots
情节线:plot clue
秦思想:the ideology of the Qin
群己观:Opinion on the relation between individual and collective
情教观:Education based on the feeling
齐次式:homogeneous expression
强隐含:strong implicature
清声母:Voiceless consonant
前四步:the first four steps
七月半:Mid-July Days
启 示:lessons
渠道流:flow of channel
前维度:The previous latitude
劝业道:Quanye Official
劝业员:Quanye Personal
屈万里:Qu Wan-li
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